Best in Quincy, MA

Homemade Brazilian & American

A unique combination of traditional Brazilian cooking alongside American favorites.

A Diverse Menu

From Pizza to Burgers and everything in between.

We take pride in offering up a unique menu that has something delicious for everybody.

Amazing Pizza Creations

From all your favorite meats to all your favorite veggies and everything in between Hungry Tummy of Quincy will create your pizza just the way you like it.

Burger Emporium

The Basic Bacon


The BBQ Burger


The Chipotle


Hungry Tummy Reviews

“Had the most delicious burger at Hungry Tummy. It was their P&K Burger; it had bacon, onions, mushrooms and a special sauce. I absolutely love this place. I started going there because my dry cleaner is next door and I went in one day for lunch and got a steak and cheese. It was amazing. I’ve ordered many times and have always been impressed.”
~ Marco Sandonato

“Come and get some classic Brazilian burgers. I hope they keep doing well and get even more traffic. This place is new just opened and the food is great! If you’re not familiar with Brazilian food, give them a try, you will love it.”
~ Alan Alves


“Picked up a steak and cheese sub here and didn’t see all the positive reviews until after I ordered and payed. My expectations were low since they specialize in Brazilian food and pizza. Wow was I pleasantly surprised!
The sub was large and delicious. The steak was seasoned a little differently than your typical steak and cheese. Very tasty and fresh. Thumbs up here and I will definitely be back!.”

~ Jay Steelman

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